TES Spring Music Programs (AMPT, Choir, Band, Orchestra)

Kids Singing

TES After School Choir Program will be held May 4th at 6:00pm in the TUSD Cafeteria.


TES Band/Orchestra Concert will be held MAy 10th at 6:00pm in the TUSD Cafeteria. This will include 5th/6th Grade Band, 6th Grade Orchestra, and After School Orchestra.


TES AMPT Music Programs will be held the Week of May 9th - 12th in the TUSD Cafeteria.


3rd Grade - May 9th

  9:00am Performance 1 - Petersen, Romero, Phillips

  9:30am Performance 2 - Smith, Hall, Boren


4th Grade - May 10th

  9:00am Performance 1 - Yochum, Hatch, Crandall

  9:30am Performance 2 - Carter, Lawson, Hogan


6th Grade - May 11th

  9:00am Performance 1 - Morris, Skinner, Leavitt

  9:30am Performance 2 - Cook, Cochran, Kincaid


5th Grade - May 12th

  9:00am Performance 1 - Hirshouer, Allred, Nagy

  9:30am Performance 2 - Udall, Matthews, Hunt