Supply List 

The following items will be necessary for students to have at school for their personal use:

  • 3 spiral notebooks
  • $2.00 for a personal planner (the students will receive)
  • 1-1" 3 ring binder (hard cover)
  • 1 -24 pk crayons (larger won't fit in their desk)
  • 1 -12 pk colored pencils (larger won't fit in their desk)
  • 1 pencil box - average size
  • a homework folder if desired
  • pencil top erasers
  • #2 pencils
  • glue sticks - Extreme is best

Optional items to SHARE in the classroom:

dry erase markers           gallons size Ziplock bags            pencil top erasers

disinfectant wipes             snack size Ziplock bags             paper or styrofoam plates

box of tissues                  sandwich size Ziplock bags         cardstock paper