Supply List 


The following items will be necessary for students to have at school for their personal use:


2 composition books

 $2.00 for a personal planner the students will receive

 1 - 1" 3 ring notebook (hard cover)

 1 - 24 pk crayons (larger won't fit in their desk)

 1 - 12 pk colored pencils (larger won't fit in their desk)

 1 pencil BOX - average size

1 homework folder if desired

1 dozen pencil top erasers

1 spiral notebook

3 large glue sticks  - Extreme is best

1 dozen wooden #2 pencils


Items to SHARE in the classroom:

 paper towels

scotch tape refills

dry erase markers

3 oz paper cups

large bottle of hand sanitizer


clorox wipes